Tuesday, May 20, 2008

David Cook

I started watching American Idol during its finale with Tyler Hicks and Katherine McPhee. I find it a fascinating show. I decided last season to watch it from its beginning to its finale. I was totally impressed with last year's choice, Jordan Sparks. Her career has already taken off, and she is one talented young lady.

This season was a bit different. The judges definitely picked a wider range of styles AND musicians. To me, by far, the most consistently talented performances have come from David Cook.

David Cook has shown a wide range of vocal ability as well as an enormous talent in musical arrangement. The above clip is my favorite of all his performances, "Billie Jean." Most of us who were children of the 80's envision Michael Jackson's sparkling white socks and black loafers dancing along a lighted floor. I had to have some black penny loafers for school due to the popularity of Michael's fashion statement. However, this take of it is so much different... it blew me away.

Tonight, David sang one of my favorites, "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For." He definitely did a fantastic job. I think there are a couple reasons why he won't be the next "American Idol," and that should be A-OK with him.

1- It seems the Archuletta groupies were out in full force. Cook fans were definitely outnumbered.

2- Simon's "honesty" worked against David Cook on all three of tonight's songs. Simon seemed bent on stacking the deck against him by giving David Archuletta way too much credit. David A. showed NO flexibility in his range of performance. Why were tonight's performances not lumped together in the "amusement park" category that Simon loved to use in previous shows? Was it simply due to the crowd present and their reaction? I was floored by the compliments showered on David Archuletta.

3- Chris Daughtry. 'Nuff said.

So, my vote was cast for David Cook as the more well-rounded, more destined-to-be-a-star contestant. Alas, I don't think as many crazy 38 year olds were watching and texting as there were screaming sixteen year olds. Sorry David C. But I am going to iTunes to do some downloads right now, and I patiently await your album.


Alexis Jacobs said...

Those Teeny Boppers had to goto bed. Us "Cookies" had no curfew. I voted the full 4 hours. I think we may just be surprised tonight.

Go David C!

papersunshine said...

I am with ya there! My husband and I were sitting there saying David A. is going to win because the teenie boppers will actually vote but David C. is so much better and has such potential to do well - not another boy band type sound. However did we vote? No, and I am thinking a lot of the people who would prefer him didn't either. I hope not though!!!

Ann said...

I had heard about that performance, but never seen it until now--WOW!!! I never understood why people loved David Archuletta anyway. In a way, it's better if David Cook doesn't win; then he's free to record what he likes and is not bound to the American Idol contract, just like Chris Daughtry.