Sunday, August 16, 2015

Preparing for Week in the Life

Week in the Life, as I am documenting it, begins Monday.  I am following a lot of what Ali Edwards has in her kit.  She allows for a great deal of personalization, while providing the supplies needed to make a very special documentation of what life is right now.

This is one of two 6 x 8 album choices.

I altered an AE overlay to create my title page using a photo.

I wrote the narrative for the start of my WITL album this week.  I decided to take one of Ali's 4 x 3 cards and create an overlay.  I was going to make a flap, but I liked this idea much better.

She includes a mixture of page protectors that work in a 6 x 8 album.  Accompanying the page protectors are cards that have a variety of possible uses.  I set up Monday with the "Good Morning to You" card, because it's my first contractual day back to school.  There's something about "having" to get up and go in that is a bit different than going in and working on your room little by little.

Ali included some 8 x 3 page protectors and some papers that fit in there nicely.  I liked that she included smaller 4 x 3 cards that shared a color scheme with the longer ones.

Each day I am starting with this 8 x 3 card.  I topped it with washi because I wanted to glue the wood veneer day words to the top, and the top of the card would interfere with how the veneers looked.  The wood veneers are glued to the page protectors.  Here, on Friday, I want to force myself to remember ten things about my class that I learned in the two days I will have had with them.  It was nice to have some cards like that where I already have a purpose for them.

I am planning to use my AccuWeather app on my phone to document the weather for each day as well.  Otherwise, I will allow the photos to decide the design and the story.