Friday, December 31, 2010

Hello Fabulous Idea!

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Reflections on Project Life 2010

One year ago, with lots of excitement and a little mix of nerves, I ordered Project Life from Becky Higgins.  Project Life came after her Project 365, which centered on the photo-a-day concept of capturing life.  While I knew keeping up with a photo-a-day scrapbook would be an exercise in futility, I liked that Project Life had more versatility.  I could really set it up however I felt like it, but I could get some quick, clean pages done in a very short amount of time, without having to worry too much about design.  It was initially set up as a chronological book, with month dividers and the idea that you would make a DPS a week.  However, you did not have to follow that if it did not work for you.

As I look at my book, which is a little over half full at this point, I realize that a little over half full is pretty stinking good.  I created 53 pages in a year's time, and that is what I call close to a small miracle.  After printing many of the pics on my printer at first, I switched over to getting them printed, as it was far cheaper once I got the hang of cropping them for lab printing.  Once you have the pics, the layouts come quite easily.  In a way, I felt constrained design wise, as the collection of journal cards was varied, but, alas, somewhat feminine, when I was doing many of my pages about my sons.  However, it helped me get over myself and just archive... no worries about embellishments (unless I wanted to) and the like.

So, here's to you, Project Life!  I am excited about the newest installment, which has photo pockets for vertical photos (that has been a struggle for me.... I'm not solely a horizontal gal).  Here are the latest bunch of layouts I created as we wrap up 2010:

Sadly, the Thickers I was using for the next DPS (see letters CHA) had completely lost their adhesive backing.  No stick, but thick.)

Rather than reinventing the wheel for journaling on these next two double pages, I copied the journaling from my blog and pasted it into self-made cards using MS Publisher.

Recalling my stamping roots for this page.  All Confirmation photos taken with my iPhone4 and tweaked with Photoshop just a bit.  I forgot the Nikon!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yes, it is I!

I know, I am like a monk lately as far as crafting goes.  I have been doing dribs and drabs here and there.  But I enjoyed this craft very much, and I thought I would share.  It all started with my Secret Santa.  I loved getting someone I knew well, however, the challenge became that I had to hold back on the "crafty," as she would immediately know it was I.  I held back until today, when I gave her a gift card in a snow cap cardholder.  When she saw me at lunch, she made a comment that perhaps her Secret Santa was someone she knew who was crafty.  I had been found out!  Well, at least it was almost the last day. :)

She mentioned she liked "fun" pens, and you would think that, being the holidays, I could find "fun" pens.  Not so.  I had made beaded pens before with microbeads.  Having left my stash of beads in my classroom, I moved to plan B...Bella's Baubles.  The pen I used is more purple than it looks in the photos.  You take a fun pen (I used a gel pen) and wrap it in super sticky double-sided tape,  Then start adding the baubles.  It's best to let it "cure" at least a night.

I hope she'll like it.  It's accompanied by a Jimmy John's gift card, some pretzel M & Ms and some Butterfinger bells.  Ah, the holidays!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Creative Antics hits 800

Good pal and craft fanatic, Ann Cox, is having a fabulous giveaway in honor of her 800th blog post.  Interested in possibly winning a $25 gift certificate to Two Peas?  Head on over and wish her well.  She does a great job with consistently posting on her blog (as opposed to others you might know... ahem).