Thursday, October 28, 2010

Evolution of a Box

Yep, I have been away for a while.  When school is in full swing, it is hard to etch out crafty time.

Halloween can sometimes require some craftiness, as it did this year.  Max wanted to be a car wash.  Not just a car.  A car wash.  His recent perseveration.  So here are photos of its evolution.

We started with a plain box and made a few alterations.

We then spraypainted with primer and metallic gray, as Max wanted it to look like my beloved Swagger Wagon (Toyota Sienna).

The next parts were fairly tricky.  I'm not sure I am 100% in love with the results, but I tried.  I printed off headlights and taillights for a Sienna onto cardstock.  I used Tacky glue to affix them.  I used page protectors for scrapbooks and leftover laminating film from school for the windows.  Scott used black electrical tape to give the "windows" definition.  I used Liquid Applique to give the appearance of "suds."  I used small white balloons to give the suds a bit more size and depth.

And here is "Car Wash Boy" himself.
We'll see if he keeps it on at all during tomorrow's festivities at school.