Friday, February 24, 2012

Oh Baby, Baby, La, La, La, La, La, La, La

I thought I would post some baby cards I just made for a few work friends.

Note, the yellow and gray patterned paper (Teresa Collins) makes another appearance.  Intervention needed!

For this card, I thank Karen Kelly for her choice of patterned paper. I would not have chosen this for myself, but once I opened the packet, I LOVED the patterns.  Sometimes, you gotta see the paper in real life.  I also adore the new ribbon.  Woot!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Cranking out the crafties

I have this newly acquired bad habit of proclaiming that I will be crafting, but, instead, finding 20 other things to do before I craft, and, therefore, run out of time in my day.  Well, technically, I am writing this the NEXT day (after midnight).

Today I caught up with some Move More Eat Well February printouts and such.  Then, after having this frame sit and stare at me for months, I have finally created a mantle-piece with it.  The photo I have is from Christmas 2011.  Today, I picked up some delightful yellow and gray patterned paper and decided to use it and a few other embellishments I had hanging around here and there in the craft room.  I dig it.  And I have the larger frame, also, so who knows what will come next?  I am showing a couple different angles, as the lighting at midnight is not very helpful.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

OCD and the Torture of Pinterest

Here you have it, craft fans.  The reason why I don't run out and do everything I see on Pinterest: it inevitably takes me MUCH longer to do than the average human being.  Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I offer you Exhibit A:

Gotta tell ya, many parts of this fell together nicely, but none of them went together easily.  First, there was my Cricut, which I am about to violently throw against a wall.  The mats I have just do NOT want to hold cardstock, so redoing these numbers was something that occurred quite frequently.  Then, there was the issue of font. I used Jasmine, after trying George, and realized that honestly I might defect to the Silhouette, where my font choices are far more expansive because I can use the fonts on my laptop.  Then, when it finally did cut, it just wasn't clean.  I probably should be looking at a new blade before I defect completely.

After that craziness, I needed to adhere these very skinny letters.  Not sure if the Tombo adhesive will stay, but I wanted to use something I could move around.  As I look at the pic, I still am driven a little nutty by the number placement.  I wanted to make the date of our wedding stand out, and found these brads that I had from Stampin' Up!'s Hodgepodge Hardware.  You might want to click on the pic for the close-up.  They say "Genuine" on them.

Then, I was left with doing something at the bottom.  I looked through all of my fancy swirls (man, I have some cute stuff, especially chipboard).  All too big. I thought about paper punching or sewing, but it just did not work with this.  So, I opted for linen thread wrapped around the paper.  Loved it!

I thought it needed a "P"  of some sort to tie it all together.  I had these Scrabble letter delightful that the P is 4 points, eh?  Total luck.  And the paper clip is from a different alpha set, from which I had already used the P.  I loved it.

So, then, I go to frame this sucker. Crafters reading this know what happened...the glass in no way, shape, or form wanted to work with me.  I was using some bulky accessories.  So, I left the glass off, and I am A-OK with that.  I worry about what that will do for this piece in the long haul (dust, little curious fingers, etc.), but for now, it works.

I used my 7 Gypsies easel that I bought for a completely different project to display this for now.  Perfect fit!

Here is the "pinspiration" piece: