Sunday, April 21, 2013

Catching Up with Project Life

Yes!  I have been keeping up with my Photo-A-Day routine for this Project Life album.  However, I had a little "processing curse" with photo labs, which I think I am over (just. jinxed. myself.).

Here are three weeks of Project 365 for the Plato family.  I tried to take a shot of the whole DPS, then both pages separate.  Click for a larger image.  Since I always seem to have time for this at night, please excuse the grainy nature of the pics.  I am using the Blush Edition of Project Life, while sprinkling some of the Midnight Edition and Cherry Edition (Old School!) as well.  You can usually spot a Thicker or two in there, also.

April 1 through 7: A mix of landscape with portrait orientations.  It is then that I realize how few journaling cards in the Blush Edition are intended for a landscape orientation.

April 8 through April 14

For this journaling, I needed to use a foldable card, but it was not going in the side I needed.  See this blast from the past entry that talks about whipping out the blade when needed.  I added a band aid embellishment I had (perfect!) and a fabric pull tab.  It's quite awkward to pull out, but I do not plan to reread the story a whole lot.

April 15 through April 22: Mainly used Midnight Edition journaling and title cards.

The "You & Me" card had perfect placement.  It was the "flipside" of the journaling card from last week.  I love when the cards play double duty!

Next week, I am planning to make the whole spread about Max's First Communion, so we will stray just a little from the POD concept. It's a BIG deal and we'll have lots of visitors!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

First Communion Banner

It's been 8 years since the First Communion Banner of 2005.  Yes, I recall it well.  I made the banner, and I placed our family name on it, rather than Ignatius' first name.  I had a sheep with cotton balls for wool.  It was clean, simple, and awesome.  It also scared Ignatius, and we had to hide it.  Neither Scott nor I know where we hid it, which is a bummer, because my sheep ROCKED.

Flash forward...I now have a kick ass craft room and oh, so many delightful tools, including the newly purchased Silhouette Cameo. (pause for love sigh)  So, I, of course, spent forever making the OCD version of Max's banner.  All that is missing from these photos is the dowel rod and hanging ribbon.  I am pretty excited.

Had to hit up Michaels for the chalice cardstock.  I was fresh out of gold!  The host is mulberry paper mounted on a cardstock circle and popped up with a pop dot.

I downloaded the chalice and the stained glass template from the Silhouette store.  I painstakingly (no hyperbole!) glued tissue paper into the areas needed.  Then, the thing I love about the Silhouette, I used my own font on my computer, Snap ITC, for his name.

Pretty exciting stuff, and one thing off of my "to do" list for today.