Friday, November 27, 2015

Week in the Life: Sunday

The final installment in Week in the Life: Sunday.

It was nice to go back to the first page, the intentions page, where I took a good long look at why I was participating in this week.  I used it as I reflected at the end to see how I did representing what I wanted to represent.

The money was well-spent on this kit.  I used a great deal of what Ali had to offer.  I appreciated her videos and suggestions, as I incorporated some of that into my book (ex.hole punching photos and adhering back to back, using a tab, I used washi, she used Avery for that, setting up a basic layout, but not being tied to it).  I was also able to add digital elements (memes and such), handwritten elements, and chipboard.  In all, I am pretty pleased with how this turned out, and I know my kids and I will go back to it again and again. I am also glad that I used the notes sheets and was OK with the layouts taking a while to be created, as school's start takes over many things in my life.


Week in the Life: Saturday

Arriving at Saturday of this week was a huge accomplishment.  I must stay, the documentation sheets offered by Ali were a godsend.  Some days I wrote a lot, other days a little, but either way, I had documentation of the day to look back on months later when I was actually completing the book.

That's me.  At the pool.  Yeah!

This is one of my favorite spreads.  I like the yellow and gray mix.  I clearly have a thing for bingo cards. They really give a page a little boost.  I used some Lawn Fawn patterned paper in the upper left, a meme in the lower left, and a card from my stash in the lower right.  It was an interesting interpersonal week at work, and, rather than dwell on the negative things that happened, I decided to post the sentiments that conveyed the lessons.  That's what really matters, right?  I am sure these lessons will carry over into other parts of my future life as much as they did this week.  I used washi again fir the quick documentation of some of this page.

We love car selfies.  And by "we," I mean "I."  We spent this evening having a "farewell dinner" at one of our favorite local dives.

Week in the Life: Friday

Friday's installment of Week in the Life is below.  I utilized some of my Project Life supplies, a suitable meme, and the goodness of quick journaling on washi when you just don't want to add another card to a layout.

I love that one of Ali's sentiments was "Friday, I'm in Love."  Shout out to The Cure!  Had to be used here.

I was purposeful with the Top Ten card from the WITL kit, thinking I would use it to discuss the top ten things I liked about my new students.  However, after I saw the real estate the kiddos took in Thursday, I decided to use this as the top ten lessons I was learning by documenting this insane week.

The lower left card is actually a sticker I had in my stash.  I thought it was a great reason for why I was documenting. Also, how many of us document the many things we need to do at our bank?  This was signing my HELOC so my kid could go to college.

Funny conversation: The culprit, upon reading this, replied, "It DOES make perfect sense!"  We agreed that he would read it literally, and I would read it figuratively, with appropriate sarcasm.

Week in the Life: Thursday

Rounding the rest of the Week in the Life album up, here we have Thursday, also known as, The Day I Meet My Students.

My level of exhaustion for Curriculum Night was palpable.  I went in my workout clothes and had a horrific time not sleeping with my eyes open.  Had nothing to do with the was just the timing.  But I have to say, I never photographed it in the previous 5 years, so this was a cool idea.

I took individual pics of my kiddos and cropped them to 2 x 2 for these spreads.  I also used some of my Project Life 2 x 2s to add interest.  This was their first picture in fourth grade.  The 25 represents the start of my twenty-fifth year of teaching.  I have been teaching more than half of my life!