Thursday, December 31, 2015

Fit Planning

For 2016, I am going to have a few projects going at once.  It's actually quite exciting for me to continue with my creative mojo.  For this post, I want to share an album I am doing through a class by Cathy Zielske.  I have taken many of Cathy's classes before.  This year, she is conducting a 12-month class that is, again, focused on wellness.  

Cathy is extremely organized and has handouts and videos along the way.  The class is differentiated so that anyone can document in literally any way.  It is set up in a 6 x 8 album, using Snap pocket page protectors.  She is using a Simple Stories album.  I scored this album from Project Life half off at Michaels.  I also got a Snap album with the dividers in it for $8.99 on clearance, so I have the first month of dividers.  

I spent time fiddling with a color scheme, as Cathy offers the .psd files, in which the layers are labeled such that I can change colors.  Oh, happy day!  A contributor in the private Facebook group for this class suggested this site if we were interested in using a color wheel in choosing colors.  

Then, I went back to the welcome video.  After downloading a new driver for my printer (many words were mumbled), I started deciding for the most economical way to print my cards.  Of course, the 8 x 6 pages came first.  I chose to print on Bazzill orange peel cardstock, as I love to print on that.  Then, I placed the .jpg files for the altered 4 x 3 cards in Publisher.  I fit 4 on a page and used a border around them so I could have cutting guides. I did not print them all yet, as I need to wait for some information and selfies.

When I was not ready to print, I made note to myself what files I needed to alter.  I also used Post-its to show what was going to be placed in the different pockets of the album.  I thought I would share this process in a quickie video, with a little Billy Joel background music, as I love listening to him when I am in my craft room.  I hope it is helpful, as planning things out can be a bear.  If you are in the class, don't forget Cathy has a great deal of information in her Welcome .pdf file.  

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December Daily: The End of 2015

I have been doing this little by little, as battling an ice blizzard and vertigo have kept me fairly unproductive in the area of my scrapbook.  In other words: Who knows what may have been if I had done this with room spins. :)

First, I finished up Day 16 with this calendar, using this freebie.

I made it 6 x 8 in MS Publisher and typed in the Hello Chunky font that I have been using throughout the album.  I printed on Bazzill Orange Peel (the smoother side).  The flipside is paper from the Ashley G DD kit that repeats the script "joy" in gold.

Thus begins the Christmas spread.  I love Christmas morning photos, as I believe the joy on a child's face and the tired-yet-happy looks on older faces is awesome.  Page one was simple.  I used my Ashley G card, a card from a Project Life holiday set, and I cut a 4 x 6 of the kids of my besties.  We have a tradition of meeting together at our friends' house every Christmas evening.  I cannot get over how much our kids are growing.  Age ranges: almost-19 to 9.

The flipside: I used 2 of Ali's 12 Days of Giving images.  For the stars, I foiled them on a white card you will see that in a couple pages, but liked the negative image so much, that I decided to use it as a 3 x 4!  I coupled it with a diagonal of a gold-foiled sentiment of Ali's.  The other two cards are, I believe, from Simple Stories sheets.  I used one of them to list a summary of each person's haul.

The double page spread looks like this.
I scored some gold and silver foiled labels at Micheals for 70% off!  I decided to use them as tabs for some of my pics, similar to how Ali used Avery tabs. I got lots of pics of my son's happy face.  Christmas morning is the happiest I have seen him in a LONG time.

The flipside of his pic is a photo that came to me as I was dozing in our bedroom.  The contrast of the blue sky and the Christmas lights was the perfect segue for a quick journal about the unseasonable weather.

I decided to use Max's actual list in the album.  I love his handwriting.

On the back of his list, I adhered part of a Toys R Us ad that he HAD to have to make his list.  Actually, he wanted their catalog, but the ad worked.  I decided not to be overwhelming with gift photos, so the next page has 23 different photos from that morning.  One is of me (the photographer) trying to deal with my vertigo (Merry Christmas to me!).

See them?  I used the gold foil stars in the extra 2 x 2 space. :)

These two photos are back-to-back and hold punched.  My boys and their musical toys.  Their dad loves to make sure Santa brings something wicked cool.

I placed the last pic in a modified page protector, as I feared it would take a beating being the last one.  How serendipitous that I JUST bought that Heidi Swapp washi tape?  And that I thought to take this shot?

My final journal card is on the flipside of the slumber photo.  I used another of Ali's 12 Days of Giving, and a Heidi Swapp Project Life card (from the Glitter Value Kit) I almost forgot I had. NOTE: Being overly organized is overrated.  Putting stuff "away" sometimes means forgetting you have it.  The lines for the journaling are hand-drawn.

I am so excited about this keepsake.  I did not allow it to be a time suck, and I enjoyed it very much.  If you are contemplating doing one, I am a huge fan.  

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December Daily: Days 20, 21, 22

Hooray for being "caught up."  What a strange feeling in scrapbooking!  Let's be clear: I am caught up in my December Daily.  At this moment.  I'll embrace it.  These three days are terrifically simple.

I used my Ashley G 20 card for today.  I decided to take some of the pics sent to me by my buddy from our staff Christmas party.  It was loud and insane, and she was nutty with a selfie stick she won.  I was so tired, I had to leave early, but it was a great time.  I made a 2 x 2 collage in Photoshop and printed it on a 4 x 6.  A Cathy Zielske journal card and quote card from "Elf" were the icing on the cake.

That quote card was a perfect backing for my Day 21 number card.  Two 4 x 6s for this day, plus some journaling.  Note: Am I brave or what?  A selfie while exercising.  It needed to be included.  Back on the horse!  And the sunshine was so welcome.  Simply documented.

I have run out of the page protectors with 2, 4 x 3s and a 4 x 6.  Guess which design I like best?  So, I just made this look like that design.  No big whoop.  I adhered the pancake pic and number card to the flipside of  one of Day 22's 4 x 6s, as I did not want them wandering.  These two pics and their journaling work for me.  Though I have an itchy finger to embellish the side of the 4 x 6.... hmmmmm...

Sunday, December 20, 2015

December Daily: Days 14-19

Happy Sunday to all!  Motivation + energy + creativity + time combined today, and I was quite productive with my December Daily album.  Many of the pictures were shot and ready, they just needed to be printed and included in the book in some way.  Here's how it unfolded.

I used my materials from the Ashley G kit and created Day 14 on a back-to-back 6 x 8 layout.

The Bingo card was one I had in my stash.  I drew a glittery star over the number 14.  The first part of the day documents what I decided to do for gifts this year for many of my friends/family.

Here, on the other side of the 6 x 8, I documented the process of sending out Christmas cards.  That coincided with the first page, explaining the gifts to Heifer International.  I included some fussy-cutting from some Shimelle patterned paper as well as an actual Peanuts Forever stamp from the stash I used for my cards.  I included a hand-drawn frame on a simple piece of red cardstock.

For Day 15, I used the concept of having the day card be free-standing again.  On the back, I included a card with some of Silent Night on it, as I felt it went well with the Advent wreath photo.  I used Photoshop to layer the [Joy] word art.

I used part of a Becky Higgins page protector for this part.  I wanted to include the portrait oriented photos, but I did not want two more 6 x 8 pages back-to-back with the last ones.

For Day 16, I cut another page protector, this time I cut what held four 3 x 4s and I just used one strip.  Day 16 is also going to include a December calendar page that I am making that documents the events of December.  Since I am typing it, I am waiting to print it until the end.

This is the flipside of Day 16.

For Day 17, I used the free-floating number card again.  I kind of like the concept, can you tell?

On the back, I used a Cathy Zielske card that says "Tree Lovin'," as the next page documents some of the ornaments that adorn our tree and mantle.

I knew I wanted to get my mom's needlepoint in this book.  It is her signature gift.

I took up Ali's idea to use 2 x 2 pieces of wrapping paper.  I used paper that I used as well as paper from gifts I was given for this layout.  I cut the day card to 2 x 2 as well.

This was yesterday.  All I could do was sleep.  I was completely wiped out.  So, on one of my more alert moments, I snapped a selfie.  It's what I do on Saturdays, but especially this Saturday...the beginning of break.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December Daily: Days 11, 12, 13

Welcome to more December Daily 2015!  Some of the following pages were a touch more time-consuming that was typical, but I say that in a good way.

I knew for Day 12 I wanted to use the 2 x 2s, so I thought that would make a nice double-page-spread for Day 11, as Day 11 was low in the photo area.  I decided to take a picture and journal on it for Day 11.  The journaling is in white, and is somewhat difficult to see.  I kind of liked it that way, considering the text's message.  It is definitely a metaphor for life being clear and unclear over the past two decades.  (Below is a closer shot.)  I decided to go with some see-through 2 x 2s with Heidi Swapp sequins.  Then I used Ali Edwards' December Daily (Technique Tuesday) stamp set to create a 2 x 2 back to back with a 2 x 2 on Day 12.  I used my Fuse tool to close up the sequin pockets.  For the patterned paper, I mainly used some craft patterned card stock from Stampin' Up! (I believe it is no longer available).  I liked balancing a couple of Bingo cards, and I thought the "Time" one was perfect for the page.

I had to do some blurring here because my niece wants her kids off social media.  Behind the blur, trust me, is one of the cutest faces ever.  On this day, I went to my great nephew's Baptism.  It was a whirlwind trip, and it was so nice to see everyone and their kids, even for just a day.

The middle vertical photos are adhered to each other and hole punched.  They are page-protector-free.  I was thanking the great gods of filters that I had Rad Lab, as the lighting in church was not the best for iPhone shots.

Here is a close look at these ca-yute tiny sequins by Heidi Swapp.

Despite the simplicity of this last page, I printed and reprinted these photos several times.  The page captures my [VERY] early morning flight and the weird, unseasonably-warm weather we are having this December.  Seeing the sun come up on a plane above the clouds is pretty cool.

I have lots planned for Days 14 and 15, but I am running out on time in the day.  Tomorrow!

Monday, December 14, 2015

December Daily: Days 8, 9, 10

After traveling this weekend, I have a little catching up to do.  Tonight, I offer days 8, 9, and 10.

This page is dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God.  It speaks of my enjoyment of singing her songs on her feast days, of which December 8 is one.

I used one of Ali's 12 Days of Giving files on the Bokeh treated picture of our tree.  I journal a bit on the back of the 6 x 8.

I used another of Ali's 12 Days of Giving files on the picture of the amazing December morning sky.  I also used a stamp set of Ali's from Technique Tuesday on the journal card I made to discuss this photo.  My journaling for Day 9, regarding "Peace on Earth," is on the opposite page using a digital card by Cathy Zielske.  It matches the ornament card on day 9 for some continuity (I am hoping).

Monday, December 7, 2015

December Daily: Day 7

Ho, flipping, ho.

Let's keep it real.  Every day in December is not the "most wonderful time of the year."  Sometimes, one more thing added to the list makes me nuts.  Therefore, I felt today's page was needed.

I created this with a kraft tag and a sticker from one of my Becky Higgins QVC/Project Life experiences.

My tree patterned paper on the back adhered crooked, even though I thought I was being conscious of that.  Just another stab at the imperfection of my attitude right now.

The "unexpected" sticker was also from the Becky Higgins set used on the tag.  I fussy cit the "whatever" out of a piece of patterned paper.  "Another gift exchange?!" is typed on the image of the e-mail I received.

I sincerely appreciate the work my son's room parents do.  I find it hard that I work 20 minutes away from his school, but I might as well be on another planet as far as the financial capabilities of the families I have vs. the assumptions made regarding purchasing/providing things at Max's school.  I am glad to have gotten this out of my system.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

December Daily: Day 6

During a great deal of Day 6, I was spending time at school.  I needed to get ready for a substitute, as I have meetings tomorrow and somebody has to be me.  Then, I wanted to work on transitioning from the fall holiday to the winter holiday on my hallway bulletin board. I thought that would be fun to document.

I needed something for the flipside of the Asti photo from Saturday.  I had bought these acetate sheets from Bella Boulevard, and thought maybe that would be a great place for them, even though it would not be completely see-through.  Just this weekend, my Tim Holtz deco sheets and plate came.  The plate is supposed to make fine die cuts cut with more precision (hence the name "Precision Plate"), and the deco paper is glittery without the glitter and...wait for it...self-adhesive.  So, I used this "Joy" die, which I believe is a Stampin' Up die, and, voila!  A simple, perfect addition to the page.

I was going to just place the two bulletin board pics together.  It looked too busy.  Then I thought to use patterned paper.  The patterned paper alone looked too plain for me.  So, on this page, while I work to take down my fall gratitude board, I used a piece of Lawn Fawn Sweater Weather paper and cut some leaf die cuts to bring in both the blue from the "Joy" page and the brown on this page.

Voila!  Now, it is holiday in the hallway.  I used some Shimelle patterned paper and some Heidi Swapp sequins.  I will Fuse that page tomorrow. I was in no mood for the Fuse tonight, as I had already been tinkering quite a bit.  On the next page: My husband's "It will be fine!" idea.  First, let me say, he took the pic of my son and the tickets and sent them to me.  So I think he was saying, "Hey, put this in the scrapbook."  HOWEVER, his idea to take the 10 year old to see Krampus was, at best, one of his worst.  Max was completely freaked.  I refused to go, as I don't like scary stuff, and WHY would one do that to oneself at Christmastime?  Oy.

A closeup shot of the sequins.  I used glue dots to adhere a few to the front of the page protector in case they got cramped up in one area.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Card Making As Well!

My church's Youth Ministry sponsors a "reverse collection" each Advent.  We take slips from a collection basket and bring in what is needed for the charity on the slip.  One of the charities we picked asked for cards.  I began making some, got to about 4 cards, and realized I had a stash that could also be used.  I really like the four I made.

This pin was an inspiration for this cute and simple card.

This pin inspired this get well card.

 Inside the card.

Got a new stamp set from SSS (Hand Lettered Encouragement) that I wanted to get inked.  I used the same basic design for this and the next card, just used different sentiments.

An older Stampin' Up! sympathy stamp was the perfect sentiment inside this card.

The remainder of what they needed was birthday cards.  I had an abundance in my stash, so I added them to my donation.