Wednesday, February 6, 2008

PO'ed with Paper Piecing Punch

What a strange turn of events.
Yesterday, I was gearing up to do the SCS color challenge. I re-found my Paper Piecing punch! I HAD to have it, you know? Well, sad but true, when I punched the colored, stamped image that I planned to use, I find that the edges of the pieces are a bit gnarled. Figuring it was just me, I tried again. And again. And again.

I then decided to try the ol' aluminum foil sharpening thing, the whole time thinking, "This is odd. I never used it. How could it be dull?" Did not work.

So, I contact my demo, and she contacts SU! I realize the punch is retired and all, and my hopes are not really high. They say I should try to punch through the foil 40-50 times (I laughed, too) and then try punching through wax paper (because I did not use it, they felt that might have caused it some ill effects). If it still won't work, they will replace it with another punch, up to the $13.95 I paid for it in '04 (or '05?). Look in your catty and see if you can find any of the larger punches with that price anymore. Exactly.

This is my photodocumentary of the closest I can come to a Three Stooges episode. Enjoy:

The first photo was taken when I was hopeful. It was around the 5th punch. Getting the foil out of the punch was fun {sarcasm}. Next shows a good punch with wax paper. The last shows what it does to cardstock (same result with DSP).

These pics show what the punch's metal looks like at the point of cutting. I think there is some problem there. To be certain, I lubricate the punch, to rule out that as being the issue. It is, most definitely, not the problem.

I shall keep the blog posted as to what happens. I officially give up. {sigh}

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Karen said...

Perhaps you should try a different brand of aluminum foil and punch through that 40 or so times. Sorry, I realize this is no time for jokes ;-). My offer still stands and you can have my punch! So sorry that this has troubled you, but think of all of the comic relief you've given all of us with your documented efforts! PRICELESS!