Friday, March 28, 2008

Seventy-Six Cents... That's Why

Today's creation was inspired by the SCS Limited Supply Challenge entitled "Why, oh why..." We were to take a supply that we were either given (by a well-intentioned buddy) and never used, or we bought because we HAD to have it, only for it to sit on our shelves. I decided on the latter, as I wouldn't want to make anyone feel bad.

I chose what I lovingly call one of my "Impulse Buys." It was seventy-six cents. It had potential. It would be great for quick cards. It was in a clearance box with several of its identical twins and some cousins. It was... Fast Cards: Xenon by Scrapworks. I thought, at the very least, I could use some elements of it. But, being a brainwashed card "purist," I could NEVER use it in its entirety to make a card. That was a type of crafter's blasphemy.

So, today, I used this to create an anniversary card for my niece (who has since made me a great aunt... gasp! But she also made my brother a GRANDFATHER...which I relish in rubbing in) as she will celebrate her third wedding anniversary. Now that I feel the compulsion to run and check for gray hair, I better wrap this up. I did enjoy making this card, and I really dig the matching envelope. I even used some of the periphery of the punch out for matting purposes (oooh, alliteration... for the word lovers out there). Had to use some Thickers (talk about over buying... yeesh!) to make this card complete.
Size: 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches
Paper and Envelope: Scrapworks Fast Cards: Xenon
Lettering: Daiquiri White Vinyl Thickers (American Crafts)
Brad: Spare Parts

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