Saturday, April 12, 2008

Something is Seriously Wrong with People

The SCS Inspiration Challenge was funny and disturbing at the same time. We were to be inspired by cow figurines. Toni's Collectibles in CA had a site with quite a few of the cow figurines. I decided to be "inspired" by Meditating Cow. I had not yet used my "Serenity Now" stamp set from My Favorite Things, and I saw this as the perfect opportnity.

This card went through many transformations. I went through a period of adhereing and "unadhereing." I did some serious paper piecing (thanks to Karen for that idea). I was coveting some Copics. I used my SU! watercolor pencils and the aquapainter. The background was YICK! So, I cut our yoga enthusiast and her mat out and layered them over the image stamped on white.

Now, back to the cow thing... I guess since we are surrounded by cows in Illinois, I have to wonder how this began? Was it after a night of senseless drunken cow tipping? Are there people that actually dress their cows the way they dress their ceramic geese or their dogs? I am humored and frighthened simultaneously.

Here is the list of top ten cows that made me laugh until I peed my pants:

Cookies and Cream
Corn on the Cow
Cowctus (something definitely wrong with this one)
Got Spots? (this bovine needs to be put out of its misery)
Hula Cow
Lollipop Muchkin Cow ("We represent the strangley dressed cows...")
Miss Udderlee Delishess (shout out to Hershey)
Rock 'N Roll Cow (Thank you... thank you very much)
Udderly Witched Cow

Which is your favorite?

Size: 5 3/4 x 4 1/4 inches
Paper: SU! Basic Black and Ultrasmooth White, Bazzill textured gray, Classic Black Fresh Cut Grass (Luxe Designs)
Stamps: Serenity Now (My Favorite Things)
Brads: Spare Parts


Ann said...

Cowctus is my fave--funny, yet disturbing.

Did you dream about cows last night like I did? Very surreal...

Anonymous said...

Strangest figurines I have ever seen! And I thought the corn statues in Blm-Normal were weird.


Anonymous said...

Of the ones you listed, I liked the corn cow best. And this from someone who has lived on a farm most of her life! We were dairy farmers for years and now raise beef cows-minus the horns!!! If a cow had long horns we would always get rid of them as they were mean to the other cows with them-great way to get to the feed trough!

And no, I am not doing a card today! Will enjoy and smile at the cute ones uploaded.

Bev J. (Maxell on SCS)

Christy Lynn said...

My favorite is the lollipop munchkin cow, how could you not love that HAIR?! :)

missyterry said...

Definitely the 'Hershey' cow!!
I would love to have 'her' in my backyard!!!
At my age p'ing was not an option while looking at these cows!!! ;O)

Anonymous said...

Very cute card JoLynn!