Saturday, December 5, 2015

Project Life: SY2014-15 Part 2

This was a busy winter/spring.  I have no problem taking pictures.  Printing them out and journaling is a little harder for me to keep track of.  That's why the Collect app was a godsend.  It created a 4 x 3 with the date and brief journaling.  I placed them in a 4 x 6 PSD template and sent them to Walgreens.  When I got them back, I cut them and placed them in Becky Higgins Project Life Page Protector Design F.  You will even see a few of her 4 x 3 digital cards in there as well.

Never underestimate the power of stickers to create cards.

Some months had more pages than others. This month included a trip to FSU.  Too bad that did not work out, but all things occur for a reason.

Discovered the InstaWeather app.  Life changer.  It allows you to overlay current weather on a photo.

The larger version of the program had letters from parents and other items.  It did not like staying in an 8.5 x 11 protector.  So I created a ribbon holder for it.

I overpurchased this confetti for the table at graduation.  I thought it would look great on this page.  I used my Fuse to seal the pocket.

Super excited to use the Fuse to seal in his cap and tassel.  I love that I can make it a part of the book.

Used some tint staples to secure the excess.

Again, documenting Ignatius' achievements has been a nice addition to the book.

The choice is made.

Love how the last page turned out.

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