Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December Daily: The End of 2015

I have been doing this little by little, as battling an ice blizzard and vertigo have kept me fairly unproductive in the area of my scrapbook.  In other words: Who knows what may have been if I had done this with room spins. :)

First, I finished up Day 16 with this calendar, using this freebie.

I made it 6 x 8 in MS Publisher and typed in the Hello Chunky font that I have been using throughout the album.  I printed on Bazzill Orange Peel (the smoother side).  The flipside is paper from the Ashley G DD kit that repeats the script "joy" in gold.

Thus begins the Christmas spread.  I love Christmas morning photos, as I believe the joy on a child's face and the tired-yet-happy looks on older faces is awesome.  Page one was simple.  I used my Ashley G card, a card from a Project Life holiday set, and I cut a 4 x 6 of the kids of my besties.  We have a tradition of meeting together at our friends' house every Christmas evening.  I cannot get over how much our kids are growing.  Age ranges: almost-19 to 9.

The flipside: I used 2 of Ali's 12 Days of Giving images.  For the stars, I foiled them on a white card you will see that in a couple pages, but liked the negative image so much, that I decided to use it as a 3 x 4!  I coupled it with a diagonal of a gold-foiled sentiment of Ali's.  The other two cards are, I believe, from Simple Stories sheets.  I used one of them to list a summary of each person's haul.

The double page spread looks like this.
I scored some gold and silver foiled labels at Micheals for 70% off!  I decided to use them as tabs for some of my pics, similar to how Ali used Avery tabs. I got lots of pics of my son's happy face.  Christmas morning is the happiest I have seen him in a LONG time.

The flipside of his pic is a photo that came to me as I was dozing in our bedroom.  The contrast of the blue sky and the Christmas lights was the perfect segue for a quick journal about the unseasonable weather.

I decided to use Max's actual list in the album.  I love his handwriting.

On the back of his list, I adhered part of a Toys R Us ad that he HAD to have to make his list.  Actually, he wanted their catalog, but the ad worked.  I decided not to be overwhelming with gift photos, so the next page has 23 different photos from that morning.  One is of me (the photographer) trying to deal with my vertigo (Merry Christmas to me!).

See them?  I used the gold foil stars in the extra 2 x 2 space. :)

These two photos are back-to-back and hold punched.  My boys and their musical toys.  Their dad loves to make sure Santa brings something wicked cool.

I placed the last pic in a modified page protector, as I feared it would take a beating being the last one.  How serendipitous that I JUST bought that Heidi Swapp washi tape?  And that I thought to take this shot?

My final journal card is on the flipside of the slumber photo.  I used another of Ali's 12 Days of Giving, and a Heidi Swapp Project Life card (from the Glitter Value Kit) I almost forgot I had. NOTE: Being overly organized is overrated.  Putting stuff "away" sometimes means forgetting you have it.  The lines for the journaling are hand-drawn.

I am so excited about this keepsake.  I did not allow it to be a time suck, and I enjoyed it very much.  If you are contemplating doing one, I am a huge fan.  

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