Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December Daily: Days 11, 12, 13

Welcome to more December Daily 2015!  Some of the following pages were a touch more time-consuming that was typical, but I say that in a good way.

I knew for Day 12 I wanted to use the 2 x 2s, so I thought that would make a nice double-page-spread for Day 11, as Day 11 was low in the photo area.  I decided to take a picture and journal on it for Day 11.  The journaling is in white, and is somewhat difficult to see.  I kind of liked it that way, considering the text's message.  It is definitely a metaphor for life being clear and unclear over the past two decades.  (Below is a closer shot.)  I decided to go with some see-through 2 x 2s with Heidi Swapp sequins.  Then I used Ali Edwards' December Daily (Technique Tuesday) stamp set to create a 2 x 2 back to back with a 2 x 2 on Day 12.  I used my Fuse tool to close up the sequin pockets.  For the patterned paper, I mainly used some craft patterned card stock from Stampin' Up! (I believe it is no longer available).  I liked balancing a couple of Bingo cards, and I thought the "Time" one was perfect for the page.

I had to do some blurring here because my niece wants her kids off social media.  Behind the blur, trust me, is one of the cutest faces ever.  On this day, I went to my great nephew's Baptism.  It was a whirlwind trip, and it was so nice to see everyone and their kids, even for just a day.

The middle vertical photos are adhered to each other and hole punched.  They are page-protector-free.  I was thanking the great gods of filters that I had Rad Lab, as the lighting in church was not the best for iPhone shots.

Here is a close look at these ca-yute tiny sequins by Heidi Swapp.

Despite the simplicity of this last page, I printed and reprinted these photos several times.  The page captures my [VERY] early morning flight and the weird, unseasonably-warm weather we are having this December.  Seeing the sun come up on a plane above the clouds is pretty cool.

I have lots planned for Days 14 and 15, but I am running out on time in the day.  Tomorrow!

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