Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December Daily® Day 8: All the Foods

On December 8, I took a table-view shot of our dinner that night after we had devoured most of it. Seeing this shot made me realize I had a LOT of food pics for December.  An idea began: a spread on food! Enter, another digital template of Ali's, one that I ended up modifying greatly, but it gave me a great start.  Hers had space for 4 pics on the left and a column on the right with word art ("holiday" in her script and "hello traditions" in type underneath it).  I knew I wanted to get my journaling in there, but I also really needed the 5 shots, as they each told different parts of the month of eating.  I tried to keep "holiday," but felt a change in the title was due, and a good one.  I sampled the color for "merry" from one of the strawberries in the bottom left.  I used the same color for my numbers through my journaling.

Here was the base page.  I used number stickers from this month's Story Kit (using the crap out of that, I tell ya) to connect the journaling to the pics.

I also decided that it was time for another divider to make its way into the book, but I needed one side to pretty much stand on its own.  Loved this little snowman dude.  Simple Stories Mistletoe Kisses Bits and Pieces Ephemera and a stamp from Ali's Cheer set (limited release), along with some sparkly dots, wrapped up this pre-made page.

Then, the backside of this page could stay fairly simple.  I like it so much better on a chipboard divider than just in a divider by its lonesome.

I used a stamp from one of Ali's Week in the Life stamp sets from a couple years back.  Worked like a charm.  In this pic, you can see the stamped divider, and a bit of the sticker dimension.

Journaling: Indeed, we enjoy eating during the holidays. Pretty sure between what is shown and the other delectables in our house that are not typically here, my scale is going to be screaming at me...big time. 
1 | Belgian waffles on Christmas morning.  There always must be a special breakfast.  2 | A loaf of delicious Great Harvest Bread brought to us by a new neighbor.  3 | Scott pan fried some delicious steaks.  Our bellies were happily full.  4 | French toast made with Egg Beaters (yum) with strawberries, Cool Whip, syrup, and bacon.  5 | Cookies for Santa.  I was at first ticked that Scott bought a Toll House mix rather than just chilled dough, but it turned out to be a delicious error in judgment.

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