Sunday, December 25, 2016

December Daily® Day 3: Freedom

In honor of George Michael, who passed away today, and the freedom I am feeling over break to be creative, a video:

2016 has been a doozy.  A reminder to us all to seize the day.

For this spread, I used a 3 x 8 "4 up" template from Ali.  She actually had a sentiment in one of the photo areas, but I needed the photo space.  Such a versatile template.  I also used her stamp sentiments that I purchased as digital elements.  Each sentiment is its own .png.  They are black, but pretty easy to recolor, as I did here in white.

Here is the flipside.  I spent about half of it journaling and the other half I used for a swatch of the godawful wallpaper that was in our half bath.  Now, I will say the persons who owned the home took impeccable care of it, and had chosen Colonial-era wallpapers.  But this was a hard room to deal with, as indicated in my journaling.  Here's a closer view.  You will have to imagine its repetition in the tiny space.

We moved to a “new-old” house at the end of July.  Scott is in heaven because it has tons of projects to occupy his need for demolition.  It’s been quite a transition for me, and not always in the best way.  The half bath was just scary awful.  Patriotic wallpaper (see below), sky blue tile, mildewing subfloor, horrifying toilet.  I woke up today to find Scott had demoed a good deal of it!  We made a trek to Sherwin Williams to pic up some paint. One thing that is awesome in our very 1970s basement is the pool table.  We frequently play, with Scott beating me 99.9% of the time.  It is, however, a nice use of “couple time,” which we were sorely lacking (can you believe he didn’t want to scrapbook with me?).

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