Monday, December 26, 2016

December Daily® Day 4: A Tale of Two Houses

For Day 4, I used the Christmas card photo's origination day as the day to show it in the album, as well as reflect on Christmas past.

Top card was from our Christmas card in 2010.  On Dec. 4, we were still owners of both homes.  This shot was taken on the first snowfall as well as this year's shot.

My pretty "new-old" house.  The card served as Christmas and change of address.

Spot the typo?  I didn't until they came printed to me.  And then, I thought, so it is written, so it shall be!  Imperfect, like the author. 

This was sort of a base page that I used.  I love this Simple Stories page protector with 2-4" x 4" slots and a 2" x 8" slot.  I altered my journaling card to fit the space.  I included the flap from our envelopes this year as well.

Journaling: On this day, Scott took “the money shot.”  It was, to quote Karen Carpenter, “the first snowfall of the winter.”  He texted me this iPhone shot of our “new-old” house.  Since I needed to send out change of address notices anyway, I made the Christmas card have two purposes.  I love this card from Shutterfly, mainly because I love gold foil on pretty much anything.  Of course the photo was gently treated by Rad Lab, but I really did not have to do much.  I also loved that there was a typo on it, and I sent it out anyway.  Baby steps!  Several years back, I recall coming home and seeing our Gabby Drive home being blanketed with snow.  I grabbed “Bertha” and the tripod and started snapping some nighttime shots.  Thus, the Christmas card (partially shown) was born that year, circa 2010.  

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