Sunday, December 25, 2016

December Daily® Day 2

December 2 discusses my attempt at making healthier food choices.  The photo is an actual anju pear that I had at school.  I had fruits and veggies handy, and I was CONSTANTLY eating.  The bottom quote was from Cathy Zielske's 2016 FIT class.  She is taking enrollments for 2017 as well.  Lots of good motivation, although I was on and off that wagon last year.

The text of my journaling:

I am making attempts at making better food choices this month.  Shopping was step #1.  It’s amazing how little you can have in your cupboard when you stop caring what goes in your body. I also signed up for Weight Watchers online to do some tracking. I am writing this on Dec. 25, and my tracking has been missing for a few weeks, but I know that I can get back on track easily.  Getting off track is easier!  Scott has been losing a great deal of weight.  He made his bike into a stationary bike in the basement.  I walk the treadmill at times, but I am giving a lot of serious thought in to joining Jazzercise.  We shall see if I can get back in that groove. 

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