Thursday, January 1, 2009

All About Me

In October of 2007, Karen and I went to CKC Kansas City. While there, I bought Lisa Bearnson's album, "All About Me." I was interested in the idea of archiving some thoughts for my children and others who might get a kick out of it.

I began making the album this summer. The album comes with all the instructions and pieces you need. It was my first Lisa Bearnson scrapbook, and I must admit, if you don't have a whole lot of scrapbooking materials, her kits are fabulous. Everything was cut to size, hole-punched, adhesive-backed... you name it. And yet, she still allowed for whatever creativity you desired. Below is a photo of one of the kits "before production."

The first thing I did was put all the pages together as much as I could. That was fairly brainless. The only thing that I did not like were the rub-ons that came with the kit. NOT good. However, this kit came out in the infancy of rub-ons, so I'll cut Lisa some slack.

Then, I did several pages, but I did not want to rush. Alas, there it was, the end of December 2008, and I was not finished. I had two more spreads. I finished them on New Year's Eve and, voila! I was done with 2008 in 2008! The photos below are what the actual book looks like. I almost scanned the pages, but I wasn't sure of the mood of my scanner today. :)

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Ann said...

Very, very cool.