Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baptism Layout

It only took three-and-a-half years to make this layout! Actually, it took a couple hours with the right sketch, thanks to Cathy Z.

This is an 8.5 x 11 double-page spread. The design element we are using is emphasis. What is the eye drawn to in this layout? The 4 x 6 photo of Max and the word "baptism." This multi-photo layout is supposed to be fairly simple, with very little journaling needed.

In Cathy's sample, she had colored cardstock behind the smaller photos. With my photos having so many backgrounds and colors, I just could not pick a color that would leave Max as the emphasis and allow others in the photos to be seen without fighting with the paper. So, I decided to resort to some matting, which Cathy Z. does not do a whole lot. The matting under Max is Chocolate Chip, the same color as the background. That's where I started the matting because the light blue paper (My Mind's Eye Bohemia Backyard "Memories" Datmask/Teal) was blanching him out. He is already a very fair-skinned child wearing a cream baptismal outfit. I needed more oomph.

I matted the smaller photos with the teal that is on the main panel (had just enough... whew!). To give it some unity, I decided to use my Scor-Pal and score some lines, pulling the smaller pictures even closer together. I used Thickers brown felt alphabet stickers and my own handwriting on the rest.

Last week, our Church celebrated the Baptism of the Lord. Father Jerry's homily mentioned what we, as parents, say in the rite of Baptism. One thing that struck me was when he mentioned that we ask for Baptism for our child. In asking for that, we are undertaking the responsibility of raising him in the Catholic faith. If we think too hard about that, the responsibility is a bit overwhelming, particularly since Max is attending public school due to his IEP. It seemed somewhat easier with Ignatius attending Catholic school. We knew what he was getting day in and day out as far as his religious upbringing was concerned. Max will take more effort from us... which might be yet another one of God's lessons while raising our boys. It will not be easy.

Anna turned to Mary when Mary presented Jesus at the temple, and Anna told her she would endure tremendous pain as Jesus' Mother. I think that is a lesson for us, too. Even Mary wasn't guaranteed an easy go of it, and she was the Mother of God. In comparison to what she had to watch her Son endure, I think I have it quite a bit better. Tonight's life lesson. :)


Ann said...

Love this LO--the color and photo on the blue panel really pop!

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