Friday, October 31, 2008

Vive la Difference!

Bonjour, mes amis! I have worked my behind off to have today free (called "flexing" my hours; also known as "masochism"). I really want to get caught up with my Cathy Zielske class. I have been working on some pages, but I am about two weeks off schedule. So, unrushed, I intend to work this weekend on some of her sketches. If I catch up, fabulous! If not, I am sure I will have some good pages nonetheless.

This sketch is from week 3, the theme of repetition. I chose to highlight my little daredevil bike rider, who not only rides his tryke, but also rides his "big boy bike." Both belonged to his brother, who never successfully rode either one, despite our attempts. Max, however, has picked up the whole bike riding thing as if he were doing it since birth. For those concerned, yes, we have since put a helmet on him. :)

I used repetition in several different ways. First, I used the photos. I tried to pull the blue of the "big boy bike" out through my choice of background paper. I used red in several spots to pull the red of his tryke in. I repeated silver star bards on both 8.5 x 11" pages. And, of course, I repeated images of Max riding. I think from my cardmaking I have become very accustomed to the power of repetition. This page was a fun one. What you cannot see in the photo is that I popped up the picture of Max on his tryke on the right hand page. I wanted to give that pic some special ranking, as it is a favorite of mine.

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Ann said...

Wonderful pages! Enjoy your day off and scrap your little heart out! :D