Thursday, October 16, 2008

Multi-Level Challenge

Level 1 of Challenge: Well, I had a fun time with my scanner and this double-page spread! The fine art of scanning 12 x 12 pages is hard enough. When you have to now make it 24 x 12, oooh eeee! That was a toughie. It's definitely not my scanning skills that will win me big bucks! I tried to take a photo of this, but it just would not take well.

Level 2 of Challenge: "Jumping the gutter" was the hard part of this layout. This means that you actually cut pictures over the, well, "gutter," between the two pages. Not too hard to do, but something that made scanning a total pain. It added a nice effect to the asymmetrical sketch.

Level 3 of Challenge: My photos had to be scanned. Some of them were quite old and/or yellowing and/or browing. (I feel so young...ha ha) I had to actually photograph my picture from my wedding album to get a decent image of this matted 8 x 10.

Level 4 of Challenge: I have been tinkering with ideas of scrapbooking thoughts and images of my father for some time now. Thinking and saying I would do it and actually doing it were two very different things. It was tremendously difficult to work with these pictures. Each has its own meaning. Since my journaling is a little hard to read in the scan, here is a transcript:

This was an incredibly difficult layout for me to do, but one that was 15 years in the making. The fact that I could actually do this and not have a total breakdown shows some growth in my grief. These are photos of my father, who died in 1993 at the age of 65. I was 23 when he passed away… almost 24. He did not think that he would be around for many of the days pictured, particularly to see me graduate from high school or college. However, he lived to experience both. I have been living in regret of the things he has “missed”… the birth and lives of my children, seeing me earn my Master’s and National Board certification, knowing that I teach math and science (among other subjects). I know he has experienced them. It is I who misses him at these events. -10/15/2008


Ann said...

JoLynn, these are wonderful photos and journaling. My father died when I was a child, so I understand the feeling of a father missing out on the big events in life. Know that he is looking down on you and smiling!

Bev said...

Congrats on what you have achieved and I know your father is really proud of you. Glad you are enjoying your scrapping. tfs