Friday, October 17, 2008

Real World Color 2

The second installment of a Real World Color assignment comes with a palette that just does not flow with JoLynn's stash of stuff. However, oddly, I found some things that did, indeed, include orange and pink (yeesh). That was a bit of a search. I found the dotted paper within my scraps. Hooray! The stickers were some Stampin Up! stickers, I believe from a Simply Scrappin' set, that worked really well. The title is rub ons from Daisy D's. They went on better than any rub ons I have ever used. They were fantastic, and don't they look cool? Almost as if printed from my PC.

Cathy wanted us to focus this layout on two people we knew. A compare/contrast... I almost found myself doing a Venn diagram... but then... I stopped! Whew! Anyway, I thought maybe I would do Karen and Jessie, but I didn't want to do that without giving them editorial privileges (hee hee), so I decided upon my husband and my older son. Just look at them! So handsome, and so twins separated at birth. I swear... I have pictures... I really am his mother. He looks almost 100% like his dad. Crazy. But lucky him, as I actually think his dad is a pretty good-looking guy. And his dad thinks his looks will make him a total "chick magnet." He's so humble.

Anyway, I also thought this was a good time to use these little Daily Inspiration cards from My Sentiments Exactly! I found them at The Keepsake Element. I was just standing there waiting to pay for my goods, and I saw them in a box on the counter. I knew I could find some use for them in my works.

This is still part of last week's work on asymmetry. One more thing Cathy asked of us was to find asymmetry in the world. I could not resist scanning my haircut from 1986. First, look how blasted thin I was! I think I was doing my Jane Fonda workout that week! Second, how cool was I with my asymmetrical haircut? Yeah. Cool. I know. And a little blurry.

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