Friday, October 24, 2008

Real World Color 3

I am a tiny bit behind with my Cathy Zielske class, but not too bad. Tonight, I was able to make this page using her Real World Color combination (shown). Very simple layout... which makes it quick and easy. The colors were great, but my combining of them... eh... I dunno. I am branching out, right? Red and I... we fight all the time. Love the gray, though.

While I was doing this, Max was looking at a scrapbook I started making when we were trying to get him diagnosed. It is a scrapbook where you can record things and play them back. He LOVES it. I am so glad I made it, because now I can see what a difference a year makes. There's a page about his food issues. He sat there tonight pointing (a miracle!) to the photo and saying, "Max is eating." (Miracle #2) If you are reading this, and your child(ren) already does these things and more, count them as huge milestones. It took a great deal for Max to be able to do so at 3 1/2. God has blessed us, truly.

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