Friday, October 10, 2008

OCD - The Way for Me

All righty. Tonight, I was bemoaning the fact that I needed "more space" for my materials. I have some black modular cubes. I really would like a couple more. My hubby, of course, asked, "Why don't you just throw some stuff away?" While I didn't fully appreciate his insinuation, reminding him how much the craft saves me in therapy bills, it did make me ponder the use of my cardstock file drawer.

Long ago, I purchased off of Ebay tags for hanging file folders. The tags were for each of the cardstock colors at the time. For a while, I had a file for each color. Tonight, I realized how much space that wasted. So, I reorganized. Yes, it took a long time. But I did find space. I also created a ring using my curly punch of each of the colors I had. Thank goodness for old catalogs, as some of the names for some of the In Colors escaped me. Plus, some of the hues are SO similar. Cranberry Crisp and Bravo Burgundy... hardly a difference.

So the photos are of my finished drawer and ring, and the mess that was on my floor after rearranging the hanging files. Fun! Next... my scraps. But not tonight. That is for another day.

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