Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More on Little Monkeys

I played around some more with the Little Monkeys storage system that I was awarded. I thought I would show a few more pictures for those wondering what, exactly, this thing is.

The system comes with sleeves, similar to my favorite thing in the world... page protectors. Inside each sleeve is a piece of cardstock; one side clingy, the other not. You place your stamps on the clingy side. I use the sleeve's backside as a pocket. Because I post cards and submit them to different audiences, many times, I need to know some info from them. Throwing away all packaging was out of the question. So, I kept image sheets and titles when I could. You will notice on my photo samples that I have several sets of Verve stamps on one Little Monkey sleeve. I also got my whole set of Cornish Heritage Farms Pretty Birds on one card.

The system comes with some adhesive "cling" that can be cut so that stamps that are not acrylic can be organized in this system as well. For example, the Bellas come needing some cling. I adhered the cling to stamping bella, and she now clings to the insert as well as to an acrylic block.

My previous storage system included page protectors and binders. In the page protectors, I would place the stamps with their packaging. It sounds reasonable, but it really started taking up a great deal of space. Basically, I see myself having maybe two of these boxes. I have exhausted all the sleeves that came with the starter set (6), and will be ordering more.

For now, I am placing them for the most part by manufacturer. In the future, I may organize them more like my stamp drawers, according to theme or image style. However, at this moment, I am liking this product a whole lot!


Ann said...

Thanks for the overview. I think I'll be buying this soon, as my clear stamp collection exploded in size this summer. How did that happen???

Anonymous said...

Oh great to see up close! I had read about this storage system and was curious...thanks for showing us!