Friday, July 11, 2008


I have hemmed. I have hawed. I have gone as far as having them in my shopping cart at some sites. I have lived vicariously through Karen's wonderful set. Now, I have finally dipped my toes in the water.

Yes, the Copic Sketch markers have begun to find my home. Karen introduced me to the fact that Hobby Lobby sells them. So, I decided to put my 40% coupon to that use. So far, I have 0 - Colorless Blender and 100 - Black. I also purchased (40% off) their DVD entitled Techniques & Projects with Sketch Markers. Between that and Karen going through her certification, I think the investment will finally be worth it. I am hoping the DVD will also help me with color selection, since I have chosen to buy them individually.
Retail at Hobby Lobby, they cost $5.99, which is about right. With the 40% off coupon, they come to $3.59 'round these parts.
Why the expense for markers? Well, I could go on and on about them, but not everyone really cares, so I will simply give you their link and let you learn, if interested. Of course, I will use them quite a bit once I have a decent stash.
Also, for those who do not know, on Monday, QVC is having its Summer Scrap-a-thon. Don't know if there will be real deals or if we're being reeled in, but I thought I would pass it on.

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