Saturday, June 21, 2008

Frank Lloyd Wright

My three-year-old son does a lot of what is termed "echolalia." It's the repetition of phrases and sentences in seemingly meaningless situations. He is speech delayed and on the autism spectrum, so echolalia is not that unusual. We are just thrilled that he is speaking.

What does this have to do with Frank Lloyd Wright, you ask? Well, Max has a repeated saying lately: "Do you like ice cream? No, I LOVE ice cream!" Those sentences, slightly morphed, kept repeating in my head with this inspiration challenge: "Do you like Frank Lloyd Wright? No, I LOVE Frank Lloyd Wright!"

I mean, look at his designs... clean lines, lots of open space... gorgeous. I love almost everything I have seen of his, and I tend to look at things... houses, windows, patterned paper, stamps... and judging them in terms of FLW.

So, when I saw today's inspiration on SCS was Frank Lloyd Wright, I was VERY excited. I thought about this all day. I consulted with my husband, who thought I was certifiable. I had to be serious as a heart attack with this one. If there is an artist more in tune with how my overly-linear mind works, I would like to meet him or her.

I found this image when browsing for window images. It can be found at the {nearby} Dana-Thomas House in Springfield, IL. I am sad to say that, for the seven years I lived in the Springfield area, I did not fit in a visit. Now, that makes me sad. We might need a July field trip!

I started my journey with this piece with an idea in my head. I would try to use the paint-emboss-sand technique I used in this project. Alas, I did score out everything pretty well, but I totally boogered up the sanding. So, with the bit of painted cardstock I had left, I decided to draw the image. I tried to be as meticulous as my human hand could be, knowing there is no margin of error with his images. I decided to do some shading with my Chocolate Chip marker, and I used my white watercolor pencil for some shading as well.

I searched for a quote by FLW (apparently, he was pretty vocal), and I found this one. I think it is PERFECT for the card and the main thing that draws me to his work... his use of space.

Size: 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches
Paper: SU! Creamy Caramel (base) and Basic Black (painted with Making Memories Espresso acrylic paint)
Ink: SU! Chocolate Chip and Basic Black markers, white watercolor pencil
Stamps: none


SmilynStef said...

Thanks for the wonderful links ... and the fabulous inspired card. said...

This card is a FABULOUS take on the inspiration piece you chose. Awesome!