Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Week page at a time...

I'll say it: It's hard for me to give control to the Project Life pages my men do.  Ignatius' page was the easiest one, as he has his mama's writing gene.  But the other two reluctant writers make me twitch.  Sure, I could have done the journaling for them, but the point was for their handwriting to be a part of the book.  Or, well, at least that was MY target.  I don't know that they cared quite so much.

So this little page has lots of stories attached with it.

First, note this is the backside of the We R Memory Keepers page protector used in this layout.  I really do love the 6 x 8" photo option as a focal point, surrounded by landscape orientations.  The paper and embellishments were created using my first kit from Scrapbook Circle.  When I got this kit, by thought was, "Woe, that does not seem like a lot of stuff for the money."  This thought came when I was just looking at the items.  However, when I sat down and hammered out the cost of the items, and the fact that they coordinate nicely, it really seemed like money well-spent.  To a scrapbooker, that can only be tested in its use.  I was a member of Club SEI at one point, and that was a serious bargain, but I did not use the items, therefore, it was wasteful of my money.  I just was not that in to full kits at that time, but I got some beautiful papers from them.  Because of that, I could not believe I was joining another club.  For those who know me and my style, you know just by looking at it that it is my color scheme for sure.

I took the paper that I liked a lot and decided to incorporate: Basic Grey Hipster Neato.

I still wanted to use some of the cards I had, but I didn't want to have a strange force of coordination.  So, I added some of the Basic Grey Hipster stickers that came with the kit to help with the flow.

I used the stickers on the journal card and the "sigh" arrow on the list photo (on the page protector, not the photo itself).

That's as much as Max wrote (with a lot of grunting and grumbling) in one sitting.  He was ticked that I included a picture of the list that mentioned he would not throw fits.  Sorry, bud, as the editor of this book, I make that call. :)

I am most proud of how the title card came together.

The Jillibean Soup Alphabean letter stickers came with the kit.  At first, I thought, "OH!  Just what I needed!  Letter stickers!" (full sarcasm)  I could open my own scrapbook store just with Thickers.  I must say, I liked using these.  They do not have the bulk of Thickers, and they were fairly easy to place (and I have officially used all of my "e" stickers!).

The flag is made from the flipside of the patterned paper.  I did not want for all of the letters to be on the colored side, because some of the colors are the same brown.  I wanted part of it to pop.  I went in search of a straw for the banner (Max loves straws), and found a slightly used candle instead!  PERFECTO!  Max's week included his dad's birthday, our anniversary, and Father's Day.  A candle pulled in the celebration feel quite well.

I used this paper again on the second page (yet to be journaled by Max) when mounting an Instagram photo.

The photo is foam mounted with Stampin' Up! Dimensionals (they are not bulky) and I used strips of the back for some quick journaling.

Lots to tell for one page of week 11, but I was pretty excited how things started coming together.

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