Sunday, June 2, 2013

From my craft table

Yesterday, I had OH so much fun getting my friend, Kim, going on creating a Project Life album for her granddaughter, Harlow.  Kim is using the Blush edition (purchased through HSN's special) and the Baby edition.  I have a few items I had purchased through AC Digitals that she might find hanging out in her book, too.  And anything I have that's pink...

So, here's what my table currently looks like:

My sixteen year old just came back from an awesome band trip to New York City, and his scrapbooking mama has been patiently waiting.  Well, not so patiently.  So, you see my week for Project Life, currently under construction, and stuff for his PL mini album strewn about.  I got a lot of great ideas from this crafter's You Tube videos as to how she created Project Life pages for a trip to NYC.  At first, I thought, "How will I fill this album?  It has a lot of pages!"  Now, I am more at ease with the idea that it need not be filled just with pictures.

One thing that I will be using in the album are screen shots from the Tracker Lite app we used.  We got it mainly to make sure if he lost his phone we could try to track it down.  We also found it was great fun to live vicariously through him and see where he was visiting. My brother insists I am being neurotic.  Maybe.  But look what I can now put in the scrapbook!  I have these printed on cardstock and cut to 4 x (almost) 3" to use throughout the book.  Corners rounded, of course!

So there you have it---my works in progress!  Hopefully, I will get some major craftiness in over the next few days.

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