Saturday, July 2, 2016

WITL2016: Thursday

I don't know why I find myself taking photos of my pages sans daylight, but it just seems to fall that way with my workflow.  This day was, definitely, the longest, busiest, and hardest day of my week.  Being tired is one thing, but being tired on a really bum foot is a whole "nother" level.  Add to that the self-imposed stress of the beginning of a move, and, well, you get the idea.

On my tab, I used a stamp from Cathy Zielske's Adulting No. 1 set.  Oh so much fun this set is!  I am not 100% certain where the card on the tab is from.  It was in with my Ali Edwards story kits, but I am not sure which kit it belonged to.

Narrative: May 12, 2016: At 6:20, I awakened and prepared for Beach Day, which culminated in a beach-themed dodgeball tournament for grades 3-5.  At breakfast, I again, found myself grading.  I got one paper graded.  Oy. Time-consuming while I lack motivation is not a good combination. I then had a conversation with Max in which he explained, “There’s no beach here,” and recommended that I “cover my woooods” (codename for boobs) for school.  He then proceeded to need me to tell him every step he needed to do for everything he was asked to do. That, added to discussions and statements with Scott about my desire to NOT move and how bad the timing was, made for a very tense morning. Between the pain in my foot, the constant “on-the-go” at work, and now, packing at home and getting the house ready to show, I am a whirlwind of stress. Before leaving for work, I received a sympathetic text from Scott that helped. At 3:30, the tournament began.  Alas, between my foot and my lack of sleep, I was not very spirited. At 5:00, I made my way home, slept a bit, iced my foot, and snacked on some Twizzler bites.  At 6:15, Max had his last music concert at Northpoint.  He was so excited!  We had dinner afterwards at Bob Evans, which is Max’s favorite thing after concerts.  They even recognized his bow tie!  Mother Nature provided some beautiful scenery as the day came to a close.

That is all for now.  More embellishments will be had, I am sure, but the base page is done!

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