Monday, July 4, 2016

WITL2016: Friday

Friday was a fairly ordinary day in the WITL, and I did not document with many photos.  I definitely could have included more...the donut that delighted my morning or the Max Freeze that saved me from pain...but it is what it is.  

The stamp used on the day tab was from Ali's 2015 WITL set.  The card was from my collection of 3 x 4s...every Project Lifer has a collection, am I right?  I split mine up a long time ago based on certain categories for the cards rather than the design set and/or manufacturer.  The word stickers are from one of Ali's Story Kits.  The word stickers are one of my favorite things from these kits, as they allow me to combine all sorts of phrases to suit the layout.

This shot was a little blurry, but that's OK since it includes info of my students on one of the shots.  The "High Five" card is from my "3 x 4 "collection.  I feel like this one was a We R Memory Keepers set for boys, but I might be wrong.

The card was from Ali's "Craft" Story Kit.  The narrative: May 13, 2016: Arose at 6:36, adding Max Freeze to my ankle.  Poured myself some Raisin Bran to start the day.  Drove to school at 7:30 where there were Market Street donuts.  Helped myself to a Boston Creme.  Yum!  We were visited by the BJHS Music department and the students got to try out potential instruments for fifth grade.  I prepared Friday notes, as usual, by tallying mark chart marks for students. Had PBJ and milk for lunch.  At 4:45, went to the chiropractor.  Excitement started at 5:15 with a call from the realtor indicating that a potential cash buyer wanted to see the house on Saturday.  Thus some major straightening ensued, as we did not even have the house on the market yet.  At 7:30, we ate some Olive Garden take out.  After that, I spend some time surfing Facebook and social media.  That actually serves as “down time” for me.  That and laughing at images sent to me via text.  One meme on Facebook was flying around that it was going to be a full moon on Friday the 13th, which would prove miserable for superstitious teachers.  Thank God, this proved to be untrue!  Full moon days when teaching are definitely not welcome. Kids tend to act completely off the wall.  My school day was fairly eventless.  I’ll take it!

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