Tuesday, July 5, 2016

WITL2016: Saturday

When you can't find a 3 x 4 card you need, make it!  This one is courtesy of some washi tape I had (no clue of the manufacturer...if you saw my drawer of washi tape rolls, you would understand) and Ali's stamp from her Tough Story Kit (which is one of my favorite story kits, like, ever).  The stamp on the divider is from her Wild Story Kit.  While I am in no way a "camper," or even moderately comfortable in the "wild," this kit is flexible enough to find its way into a crazy day in my life.

All things considered on this page were journaled on the last page.  My last page is NOT pictured today because it is entirely journaling, and some of an emotional nature. I just did not want to share with the world and risk reopening wounds.  So, starting from the upper left, this photo (enlarged below) represents the insanity of us trying to get our house ready to show to a potential cash buyer before it was even on the market.  We had a frantic morning, to say the very least. We then found out that the buyer was just doing a "drive by" of houses...talk about frustration!  This box showed my husband's way of "packing:" throwing random crap in a box and calling it a day.  Needless to say, it sent my OCD in a tizzy, and he did not attempt an "unlabeled, unthemed" box again. However, as the word says, "begin."  It was a start.  In the upper right, a text message with a colleague and friend about DIBELS.  It's what we do on Saturday nights, people.  Discuss data. #teachersrule  In the lower left photo is a new shower curtain for the boys' bathroom, courtesy of a Target trip as well as the move.  Their previous curtain was pretty gross to look at.  But hey...guests will be coming to our home!

Here, I took Ali's advice and put my phone down so I could snap some "ordinary" selfies while at Target.  Of course, I needed to be sure no one was around to watch this, as I felt a little silly.  The message, from Ali's Magic Story Kit, says, "Look for the magic in the daily routine."  I have to admit, Target can be magical.  The upper left cartoon is one I found online that fits perfectly with the interesting Facebook evening that ensued.  I thought I would add some levity in to this day.

In the evening, I found myself watching Twilight as I organized my craft table.  I also found myself being able to quote lines from the movie, which made me laugh and shake my head at the same time.  Oh, Edward.

This cute image I found while doing an image search.  The story I needed to tell, for which I used a 4 x 6 card, had to deal with the not very great side of social media, particularly Facebook.  It fit.  The cardstock tab sticker and word sticker are both from Ali's Read Story Kit.

And thus, Saturday comes to an end!

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