Saturday, July 9, 2016

WITL2016: It is finished!

This evening, I finished my 2016 Week in the Life scrapbook.  Woo hoo!

I used stickers that came with the 2015 WITL kit for the spine.

A very simple "Note to Self" on the inside cover.

Sunday's happenings.  Not very many photos taken at all on Sunday!  It was a busy day, nonetheless!  Several of the images and sayings were part of my Project Life collections on my app.  "Such a lovely life" is from the Happiness Is Edition.  "Hi, Sunshine" (this was a nice, sunshiny day) was from the Hi, Sunshine Value Kit.

The Emily Dickinson saying was from the Inspire Edition.  If you like watercolor scripted cards, this kit is full of them.  The number card is from a Project Life kit, but I could not tell you which one.  It was in my stash, and I thought it went well with the concept of the Dickinson quote.

The realtor came and took photos of the house for the MLS today, so I thought I would make a 4 x 6 collage of some of the shots.  It also shows the bright and cheery day it was.

The "Create Your Own Adventure" card is also part of the Inspire Collection.  I printed all of these cards on my Canon Selphy.  I find that they come out much better when printed on photo paper than on cardstock.

And thus, another year's WITL is complete.  What would I do differently?  Well, I was thinking that next time I need to type out the summary of my days on the day of occurrence. I think more recollection will be retrieved, and it might make me more certain that I have the pictures that really hit the mail parts of the day.  Some days, like Friday and Sunday, were very low in photos, but not because nothing happened.  Otherwise, I really like how it came out! 

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