Sunday, June 26, 2016

WITL2016: Wednesday

May 11, 2016 documented.  I was VERY thankful for Ali's Tough Story Kit for this day!

This card, and its gray dots (when I was more interested with the flipside) and this saying with a gray background: serendipitous.

I knew when I saw the quote from Elizabeth Edwards that I would definitely have a place for it on a scrapbook page.  I am glad that I also have the digital file of this, as I can see myself using it again!  Perfect spot! Literal and figurative marriage of words.

A screenshot of our Whole 30 Pinterest board.  Makes me realize how long ago we discussed the Whole 30 journey.  Katie just finished her first 30 today, and I am inching my way forward to that adventure in July.  Sure takes me a while to decide on something when it deals with food!

The narrative: May 11, 2016: Sunlight enters the bedroom at 5:30, but it is not a welcome guest. I awake with a horrendous migraine, and, even with my eyes closed, it pains me.  Add to that the horrendous pain in my right ankle and outer thigh, and you have a “Can I Please Stay Home?” moment.  At 6:00, my eyes finally cooperate, and I realize the culprit: The Weather Channel is predicting severe storms.  This also means that I shall brace myself for my students to be affected in negative ways.  I cheer myself with a bowl of Frosted Flakes before going to school around 7:45, listening to the Beatles, yet again.  At 8:45, I am dealing with a disrespectful student (N.B. We start classes at 9.)  For lunch, I decide Jimmy John’s is needed.  At 4:30, I head to the chiropractor to begin adjustments and hopefully get some relief for my swelling and now pain.  I come home and watch a little Breaking Dawn, feeding in to my recent renewed Twilight obsession.  At 6:00, I read a bit more about Whole 30 and make a Pinterest board to share with Katie and Ashley. Then Scott decides, at that moment, that the living room needs to be dismantled.  This irritates me, as I was sitting in the rocker in the living room when he made this decision.  An argument ensues. At 8:30, I realize that tomorrow’s theme requires a grass skirt, and I do not have one, and Max needs Dimetapp.  Into a lightning storm I go.  Party City is closed.  I head to Walgreens for at least the Dimetapp.  Then, Mother Nature unleashes on me.  When I get home, I watch more Twilight.  I become inspired to make a grass skirt myself, and at 1:40 AM, it is finished.

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