Saturday, June 25, 2016

WITL2016: Tuesday

Tuesday's submission of Week in the Life:

A card to start the day that included us buying a house.  This saying seemed completely appropriate.  The card came with this month's Story Kit with the theme: Believe.

I kind of like the idea of keeping things really simple.  I am pretty certain I will go back and add some embellishments (I really like word stickers), but getting the basics of the stories of the week down makes me happy.  On this day, I used a couple phone screen shots of songs I was playing.  The cool thing about that is that they show the time AND the charge of my phone.  It all parallels with my day.  It's interesting. I have been listening to "Hey Jude" a lot.  Two lines: "Take a sad song and make it better," and "you were born to go out and get her."  I may add those lines in some way later.

The final page of the day that includes the narrative.  It reads: 

May 10, 2016: Awakened at 6:00 AM after hitting the snooze button a few times.  I iron my outfit for the day, unable to participate in “Crazy Hair Day” because, after school, I need to be with adults.  Breakfast pictures are included to understand the chaos included in the start of a fairly typical day in the Plato abode.  While trying to eat, we also needed to be sure Max had studied and was ready for his day.  My typical breakfast of cereal, milk, juice, water and my Shaklee vitamins accompanied the madness.  The counter joins in the insanity with lingering materials from small group as well as other items it decides to “catch” along the way.  At 8:00, I head to work, listening to the Beatles as well as Weezer.  Lasagna, one of my favorite school lunches, is a happy part of the school day. From 3:30-5:30, I get some after school business finished at the 602.  At 6, I get to enjoy a delicious dinner at Anju Above honoring and thanking me for my work for the Bloomington Education Association.  Around 8 PM, I drive by my big compromise on the way home: the “Sold” sign at 114 S. Mercer.  Scott has wanted to move for some time.  I finally stop the tension and say yes to a new direction.  However, pictures of the kitchen counter linger in my mind as I think of attempting to sell ours. After stopping at Walgreens for some refined sugar to put in my body, I end my day propping my ankle up in a bath.

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