Saturday, June 25, 2016

WITL2016: Tuesday

Tuesday's submission of Week in the Life:

A card to start the day that included us buying a house.  This saying seemed completely appropriate.  The card came with this month's Story Kit with the theme: Believe.

I kind of like the idea of keeping things really simple.  I am pretty certain I will go back and add some embellishments (I really like word stickers), but getting the basics of the stories of the week down makes me happy.  On this day, I used a couple phone screen shots of songs I was playing.  The cool thing about that is that they show the time AND the charge of my phone.  It all parallels with my day.  It's interesting. I have been listening to "Hey Jude" a lot.  Two lines: "Take a sad song and make it better," and "you were born to go out and get her."  I may add those lines in some way later.

The final page of the day that includes the narrative.

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