Thursday, July 18, 2013

How an Archivist Prepares to Travel

Tomorrow, we leave for a driving trip.  We will be in Florida for a bit, spending some wonderful time at Disney and with family.  It was unexpected, just recently planned, and, I must say, sorely needed.

It is also in the middle of a scrapbooking tsunami with me.  Can you believe my husband did not understand that I was upstairs printing these as part of my "packing?"

This week in Ali Edwards Hello, Story class, the story structure is using fill in the blank cards to get the journaling completed in a simple way.  So, I printed off several of these that Ali designed for Project Life, and I will have various family members fill them out throughout the trip.  My guess is Ignatius and I will probably fill out most of them.

Then, I remembered that Rebecca Cooper traveled with her family to Arizona from Canada.  She posted this cute card game that, of course, I thought would be fun for our 20 hour car ride (and might not cause the children to kill one another).

She offers this for free, as well as individual cards that I printed just to randomly find something to watch for.

I am also taking Ignatius' NY album (yeah, it's still not done), to determine where the pics need to go and do some planning for the layouts, etc.

So, that's how a crafter plans for a really, really long drive!

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