Saturday, March 28, 2009

Every Day You...

It only took me about 10 hours to get this done today. It had nothing to do with the sketch and everything to do with 50,000,000 other things popping up.

This is the first sketch for Cathy's week focusing on type. I love type, probably because I love scripting. I think the digital age has opened so many great opportunities for the Everyday Jo to use type. So much less is needed to be done by hand... I'm getting a little lazy!
Cathy's design was an easy one to follow, as usual. I am grateful for that! We were to make a strip of four photos that gave a window into someone in our lives and what he did "every day." It's funny when you have kids on the autism spectrum. They have things they do every day because... that's their gig. Routine is king.
I started with Max, as he stuck out the most this week especially. That child would be at the park now, in pouring rain, if we left him to his own devices. He is my outdoorsman.
Cathy created the Every Day You type, and asked us to use Helvetica or Arial. Her stress was that variations in the size of the same type were sufficient. Titles do not always have to have different styles from the journaling. Emphasis can be achieved through simply making words larger or smaller.
Since I couldn't find the right color for my journal panel, I chose to sample some of the blue in Max's shirt in the picture on the far right as a background color. I adore the ribbon that I used, which I believe was just something I picked up am Michaels. The flipside has a lighter shade of blue stitched with the darker blue on the edge. The brown mulberry paper is from Michaels, and it's one of my all-time favorites. It gives fantastic texture. If Scott had his way, we would have covered the basement walls in it (if only it came in larger than 12 x 12 sheets!). The corduroy buttons are from Bazzill. I popped the journaling up with dimensionals. The layout is 8.5 x 11 inches. I had to take a photo of this one because, the more 3D my layout, the worse of an image I get with my scanner. Probably some setting I am missing.


Ann said...

Absolutely love this LO!

Karen Kelly said...

I love the journaling on this layout. I think it's easy to get sucked into the negative things our kids do and it's refreshing to read about the joy they have and bring to our lives :-)