Sunday, September 28, 2008

Does a bigger geek exist on the planet?

I am pretty pumped to be starting a twelve-week online class. No, silly, not for my CAREER or anything. It's a class with Cathy Zielske, scrapbook design goddess, called Design Your Life. You might remember a card challenge long ago (on National Scrapbooking Day), for which I used a layout of Cathy's. She has been a longtime idol. I believe she has been an idol of Karen's for even longer. It was Karen who reminded me that the class was starting this week, and Karen who's probably shaking her head wondering, "What have I created?" I've become a bit... fanatical...?... about getting ready. I am just soooo excited.

My biggest source of excitement is that Cathy is really a designer... my career choice in my parallel universe. The class will focus on using the basics of graphic design as you develop your own scrapbook style. I call mine "ordered chaos." Yes, an oxymoron.

Anyway, I am going to look back in my info to see what I can and cannot post of my work, since the class has a fee and such. She's worth every penny (and it's really a steal).

I have already created my first page. I have e-mailed Big Picture Scrapbooking to see if I can post it or if that would violate Terms of Use. We shall see! Stay tuned.

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