Friday, November 27, 2015

Week in the Life: Thursday

Rounding the rest of the Week in the Life album up, here we have Thursday, also known as, The Day I Meet My Students.

My level of exhaustion for Curriculum Night was palpable.  I went in my workout clothes and had a horrific time not sleeping with my eyes open.  Had nothing to do with the was just the timing.  But I have to say, I never photographed it in the previous 5 years, so this was a cool idea.

I took individual pics of my kiddos and cropped them to 2 x 2 for these spreads.  I also used some of my Project Life 2 x 2s to add interest.  This was their first picture in fourth grade.  The 25 represents the start of my twenty-fifth year of teaching.  I have been teaching more than half of my life!

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