Friday, November 27, 2015

Week in the Life: Friday

Friday's installment of Week in the Life is below.  I utilized some of my Project Life supplies, a suitable meme, and the goodness of quick journaling on washi when you just don't want to add another card to a layout.

I love that one of Ali's sentiments was "Friday, I'm in Love."  Shout out to The Cure!  Had to be used here.

I was purposeful with the Top Ten card from the WITL kit, thinking I would use it to discuss the top ten things I liked about my new students.  However, after I saw the real estate the kiddos took in Thursday, I decided to use this as the top ten lessons I was learning by documenting this insane week.

The lower left card is actually a sticker I had in my stash.  I thought it was a great reason for why I was documenting. Also, how many of us document the many things we need to do at our bank?  This was signing my HELOC so my kid could go to college.

Funny conversation: The culprit, upon reading this, replied, "It DOES make perfect sense!"  We agreed that he would read it literally, and I would read it figuratively, with appropriate sarcasm.

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Monique1971 said...

Wonderful album. I love all your squares with a tab on it. On this page it is the good afternoon photo. I think I am gonna try that too. Looks really great.
Thanks for sharing! 😊