Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I'm in a New York State of Mind

If you feel so inclined, play a little Billy Joel while you read...because you know this song was in my head the whole time.  

Hey remember this post?  From June 2013?  Well, I have finally accumulated what I believe to be enough "stuff" to jump in to my son's New York trip scrapbook.  Holla!  The dilemma is me.  I have had the pictures printed for months.  I just was having issues taking the leap.  So, I decided I needed to jump in this spring break.  As long as my stupid fatigue stays at bay, this will happen.  I have the mojo.

Here's the hardest page: PAGE 1!

Looks simple enough, yes?  Bite your crafty tongue, friends.  I'll bring you closer:

Stickers, stamps, trinkets...oh, my.  And of course a lack of decision with each one.

Let's start with the easiest pockets.  In the upper left was a card from The Scrapbooking Circle.  When I was a member, they would send these self-created pieces, and when I saw this one, I immediately put it with my NYScrapbookStash.  The bottom right is a picture of my son as he was preparing to board the bus.  

For the other two pockets, I had accumulated some Tim Holtz stamps, some BoBunny paper, some 7 Gypsies trinkets, and some alphabet stickers from lilybee design and Project Life (can't seem to find the white ones online, but other colors are available).  I love little, fine stickers, but I must say...they create quite a bit of tension!  Especially when you are dotting i's.  At first, I had the trinket inside the pocket, but that just would not lay well, so outside it went!  I had used twine thread when I had it in the inside, but needed to use Paper Wire (bought so long ago, and I still use the stuff!) to give the trinket loop a little purpose.  I also cut out and popped up one the the "road trip" signs, but that layered well in the pocket.  

The Statue of Liberty stamp was what drew me in to the Tim Holtz set.  I love his blueprint stamp sets.  And they stamp like buttah.  I used The Paper Studio stickers for the New York silhouette.

Onward! (I hope)

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