Saturday, January 16, 2010

Karen and JoLynn's Excellent Adventure

Project Life, baby. Karen and I had an afternoon of scrapbooking fun with Becky Higgins' newest product. Look at that craft table! Worker bees!

Today, I focused on my title and end pages and a DPS about carousel rides. The carousel rides did not take place in January, so I decided that my months will be split according to DPS's I do in that month, rather than photos that occur in that month. Less pressure, you know?

Today's DPS was a little challenging in that 1) my photos of Max on a carousel were really blurry, and 2) my photos of both the boys were taken with my iPhone, so the quality was not great. The other thing was that I didn't have the abundance of photos that are typically needed, so I had to decide how much journaling to do vs. how much decorative space to make the page complete.

Enter the journaling cards. The ones that can be folded or left open were ones that I used on both sides. At the end of setting this up, I realized that if you try to put the tabbed journaling card on the left side, you have a bit of a dilemma... the tab shows up on the page before it, but not on the page that it goes with. So, I took out the good ol' Exacto knife and cut through the page protector to solve that problem.

Luckily, I had a date stamp that resembled Becky's that included 2008, as the photos of Ignatius were from December 2008.

One thing I'm finding myself obsessing over seems to be that the decorative cards I use cannot have a totally random nature to them. I must have some unifying themes... color, basic design element, whatever. It's really insane, but I embrace that as my own personal illness with this scrapbook.

Full spread:
Page one:

Page two:


Kristin said...

Your pages look great! Thanks for the tip on the page protectors...I thought about doing that, but like to see someone else do it first!

Christina said...

Your layouts look great! I like your idea of making a small cut in the page protector to accommodate the larger tabbed journaling cards when they are on the left side of the album. I just ran into the same problem!

Ann said...

Fun and productive--love it! :D

Deirdre said...

Ditto Christina's comment. I just came from Scrapbookers Inner Circle and love how you used one of the folded journaling cards in a 4x6 slot, and how you made a folded one work on the left side. Can't believe I didn't think of that! I'd love to see your title page...

Banu said...

Beautiful LO. Loved what you have done with the folded jounaling card :)