Thursday, January 5, 2017

Craftiness Over Winter Break

Apparently, I like to craft like the apocalypse is nigh when I have Winter Break.  I think my brain realizes that school has been pushed back, for now, and there are creative juices flowing.

Several things led up to this first project:
  • I started a Pinterest board on Traveler's Notebooks.  They intrigue me.
  • I have read and researched and followed creative as well as efficient people who have used Traveler's Notebooks.
  • I have seen several people who have made their own covers.  This post is one I used to guide my project.
  • I purchased several Midori inserts and a binder.
  • I have watched countless videos on hand lettering (a passion of mine since I was 12).  I have purchased brush pens and printed practice sheets. (whole 'nother Pinterest board)
  • I joined Cathy Zielske's Fit 2017 class.  In that class, she gave an option for documentation via Traveler's Notebook.
  • I decided I wanted to try making my own "Fauxdori" Traveler's Notebook cover.
  • I am a VERY novice sewer, so you are about to witness something that took a lot of stitch ripping, cursing, and machine instructions reading to get done.

I ended up using the suede side of the leather.  The flipside did not enjoy being sewed many times.  Leather is not as forgiving as other fabric.

I currently have two inserts that I use regularly in the "Fauxdori."  One is my Fit monthly journal and the other is my small group journal.

I got these trinkets at Michaels.  A constant reminder for me.

And these Heidi Swapp marquee letters were another project. I had started messing with these a few months back, then they went on the back burner.  When I finally had time to set the up, I found the "S" lights had a short in them, so I bought a new strand (Lord knows where a receipt was for that original purchase).  Not super impressive with a dark photo, but my son really likes them and wants me to make him one with his name. :)

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