Sunday, October 11, 2015

Week in the Life: Monday

So, it only took a couple months, but I finally have time and motivation to complete the days of my Week in the Life album for 2015.  Many of the ideas I have used were inspired by albums I have seen posted.  Without further ado, welcome to Monday:

Throughout each day, I tried to repeat a basic theme. I started the day with the weather: a 4 x 4 created with the InstaWeather app.  Yes, you are right.  I did not use a page protector.  What a leap for me!  Ali Edwards used a tab, but mentioned the idea of making a tab with the star washi tape included in the package.  I went with that idea.  On the tabs, I attached a saying, included in the kit, that seemed to go with the day.  I used one of the location icons each time, glued directly to the picture.   

On the flipside of the weather pic is a picture of my entry for the day from Heidi Swapp's Capture Life (Instagram).  In this case, I took a screenshot of my alarm set for 5:30 AM.

This next part is one of the more time-consuming parts.  I tried to do a direct print on to the 8 x 3 card.  It printed crooked, even after I printed over and over to try to get it straight.  So, on future pages, I will be printing a box for each area and just adhering the box.  I had to do that on the very bottom to cover up the majorly crooked area.  I covered the top of the card with some washi, and adhered the wood veneer day of the week.  It fell off a couple times, even with some string adhesive.  This last time, I used glue dots.  Fingers crossed!  

My daily notes helped a lot with journaling this part.  It's been quite a while since this week actually happened, so I am glad that I had taken time to scrawl some notes.

I am attempting to have the next pages include somewhat matching patterned cards that were included with the kit.  I decided to use the daily cards for the date and a meme appropriate for the day of the week.  This day, of course, required some Jimmy Fallon.  

On the flipside, I included a text strand from the beginning of the day and a Facebook post from the day's end. These are part of my everyday.  I used some washi to write on the patterned cards, explaining the photos I included.  The sentiment over my mess of dishes photo came with the Ali Edwards kit.

Lastly, I included a picture of me in my room, taken with my iPhone's timer option.  Also included, a picture of the Epsom salt bath that made the day a little easier to take.

I love that the expressions included in the kit are gold on white, as I am kind of in love with gold at the moment.  I noted that Ali left the perforations alone when she added these to her book, so I decided to do the same.

 The other pages should flow nicely now that I have a basic idea of what I want to do each time.  Stay tuned!

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