Sunday, April 27, 2014

Thicker Collection

Those who know me well know I am a collector of alphabet stickers.  Mostly I have American Craft Thickers, but I do have a few others in my collection.

I currently have them organized in drawers, as seen below.  That calls for a lot of digging.  They also get a little squished, and that does not do well over a long period of storing.

After watching some organization videos by Jennifer McGuire, and after adding pins after a Pinterest search, I decided that I definitely needed a sleeve or bag that made my stickers more uniform in size if I had any hopes of feeling "organized."  This idea was very appealing:

I started searching for 6 x 12" ziploc bags, and what kept coming up was 6 x 12" page protectors.  

"Hmmm," said I, "why not just go with what I know?"  

It also helped that I had an Amazon gift card.  So, for about $40 and free shipping, I will have 10 packs of these:

I was not feeling the plastic magazine holder vibe.  Then I remembered I had two magazine baskets that I bought long ago.  They are not the perfect width, so, I placed my stickers in sideways.  I used what 6 x 12 page protectors I had to see how it would work.  I think I will like it very much.

I will post more of my re-organization journey as I go.

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