Sunday, April 21, 2013

Catching Up with Project Life

Yes!  I have been keeping up with my Photo-A-Day routine for this Project Life album.  However, I had a little "processing curse" with photo labs, which I think I am over (just. jinxed. myself.).

Here are three weeks of Project 365 for the Plato family.  I tried to take a shot of the whole DPS, then both pages separate.  Click for a larger image.  Since I always seem to have time for this at night, please excuse the grainy nature of the pics.  I am using the Blush Edition of Project Life, while sprinkling some of the Midnight Edition and Cherry Edition (Old School!) as well.  You can usually spot a Thicker or two in there, also.

April 1 through 7: A mix of landscape with portrait orientations.  It is then that I realize how few journaling cards in the Blush Edition are intended for a landscape orientation.

April 8 through April 14

For this journaling, I needed to use a foldable card, but it was not going in the side I needed.  See this blast from the past entry that talks about whipping out the blade when needed.  I added a band aid embellishment I had (perfect!) and a fabric pull tab.  It's quite awkward to pull out, but I do not plan to reread the story a whole lot.

April 15 through April 22: Mainly used Midnight Edition journaling and title cards.

The "You & Me" card had perfect placement.  It was the "flipside" of the journaling card from last week.  I love when the cards play double duty!

Next week, I am planning to make the whole spread about Max's First Communion, so we will stray just a little from the POD concept. It's a BIG deal and we'll have lots of visitors!

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