Sunday, March 31, 2013

Project Life Blush Edition, Week 1

So, earlier this morning (when most normal people sleep), I posted my thoughts and process pics.  Today, because everything seems to be open on Easter, I have my CVS-processed photos!  So, this week is done. A whole week.  A whole double-page spread. So quick.

Well, that cropped a little weird, but you get the point.  This is the whole DPS.  Can you tell I am loving the color scheme?  Yeppers.  Here are the individual pages:

I took a closer pic of this so you can see something I plan to correct next week.  With my border overlay, I did not allow enough "bleed space" that is required when having your pics processed by an outside source.  If printed on my printer, the white border would not have been cropped so close, especially on the right edges of the photos (check out the digi sample from my earlier post).  I was curious as to how close I was cutting things, and now I know.  Next week, I need to bring it in a bit.  However, I am uncharacteristically NOT having them reprinted, nor reprinting them on my printer.  They are what they are.  Growth!  Who knew I was capable?  Hee hee.

I bid adieu to my Spring Break today, and wish a Happy Easter to all!  I probably won't be posting as frequently, but I would like to get my weekly shots up regularly.

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