Monday, June 28, 2010


I have thoroughly and completely enjoyed the entire month of June. Truly. With the exception of one area: my crafting. So, I hearby declare July a month of crafting. Each day. Something. Be it ever so small or frighteningly large. This statement is pretty vague so I am stating here and now on this blog what I specifically plan to work on:
  • Me, the Abridged Version scrapbook: started a year ago in September, this is one of my FAVORITE scrapbook projects. I must spend parts of July completing this.
  • Project Life: Um, hello. If the pages in my Project Life album aren't easy enough, then I am just NOT a scrapbooker. Must do some catch up there.
  • May I see some ink, please?: I will make cards with stamps I just HAD to have, yet have never used.
Ambitious? Yes. However, my craft room is gathering dust, and my summer is 1/3 gone. Let's get 'er done.


Bev J. said...

I hear you-April to June is outside weather for me-do a lot of gardening during those days. Haven't done much crafting at all but now that hot July is on us I plan to do more.

Good luck with your list!

Krystal said...

Yahoo! I did the same thing yesterday...the new catalog made me realize all of the un-used items I had in my craft room that needed to be broken in before any new purchases!
Project Life needs my attention too!